Thursday, January 14, 2010

Expressions of Love

We thank you all so much for the many beautiful flowers, gifts, and expressions of support we have received so far. We would be honored if all such expressions of love be sent to Cleft Palate Away, a non-profit organization put together by a close family member. 100% of the funds go towards cleft palate surgeries for the poorest of the poor in Vietnam. We think it fitting that through this situation Mark Allen might provide a new lease on life to other children through a new smile.

Cleft Palate Away
13313 Southwest Freeway, Suite 291
Sugar Land, TX 77478


  1. Dearest Rob and Jess,
    This is Monica, one of your Mom's working companions at Tone. I have been following your story through your Mom's sweet presence and Jean Jobs. Candles have been lit for you and your perfect family since your Mom told us about your pregnancy. Your faith, courage, clarity and unconditional love for God, your family, and your journey is real and inspirational. Love and continued prayers, Monica PS My first born son was born in San Diego too--30 years ago

  2. Jessica and Rob: Our Bible class has been in prayer for you throughout your pregnancy. You both have given all of us a life-changing message on steadfastness of faith and trust in our living Lord and Savior. We pray the God will bless your days ahead because you have made life richer and more meaningful for so many (most of whom you will never know--but have embraced you with loving prayer).

    Rev. Charley Townsend, Houston, TX

  3. Dearest Jessica & Rob,

    I just wanted to send our love, from Jean & I both, and to let you know how very proud we are of you. That may seem a bit odd to hear right now but, your stand for your family and being 'in it' all the way through is what life is really all about. You are an inspiration and we stand with you for all that lies ahead. We are indeed richer for knowing you and your family.

    Love, John & Jean Jobs

  4. donation done. in honor of blessed, perfect, mark. my love to you.

  5. Jessica & Rob,
    You have both been on my heart since first hearing about your pregnancy and all the complications. I so wanted to talk to you Jessica but thought that you were probably overwhelmed with so many calls and letters. As I walked your journey with a few parents who had ancephaly babies while working in the neonatal unit down in So. Cal. it brought back so many memories for me. For me to have been able to have been a small part of those parents journey touched me deeply. But not nearly as deeply as reading about your feelings and your willingness to share what you and Rob were experiencing. Your faith and obedience to what you knew was God's calling for you and your unborn twin will be carried in my heart forever. Our family prayed for you to be able to deliver Mark Allen and hold him in your arms and spend time with him and to know him as your son. God was so faithful to you and Rob in so many ways. Your journey also brought back many memories for me as I lost Jeff & Carleigh's triplet at 17 wks. The twins and I have never talked in depth about it before and it brought forth the opportunity to do so. We were all blessed by talking about him, we named him John after Kent (Kent's name is John Kent) I know that you have touched many, many lives and will continue to do so. You are both brave and courageous. Thank you again for sharing your journey with all of us. And please know that I will always be here for you if you every need to talk. We continue to carry you both in our prayers and hearts!
    Debi Beasley
    P.S. Donation was sent via website the night we read your post!